Meet the staff

 We are a family owned and operated business. It's not uncommon to come in and see a family members' face. Everyone at some point helps out to make cruise nights successful, or has been involved in some way to get Ziggy's to be the thriving company it is now. Whether it was during college, summer breaks or just because,  our family is just as dedicated as our full time crew and it's amazing. Please read below to see each individuals specialty. 

William Baron, President

William is the owner, he started working at Ziggy's in 1988 as a mechanic and worked his way up through the years to becoming extremely knowledgeable in the complete operations. Later, he finally purchasing the company in 2003 and carrying on his passion for all things automotive. William specializes in taking a client's visions and making them a reality. It is not uncommon to hear his crew say "You want us to do what?" Followed by an explanation and a very abrupt "Yup, that's what I want, so let's make it happen". William will be the first to tell you that his team is number one in customizing anything on wheels! There is the right way and wrong way to do things, and William definitely does it the right way to make sure the customer is 100% satisfied. He has worked tirelessly to make Ziggy's what it is today, and people notice.

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John Lydon a.k.a Big John

John has been with Ziggy's for over 27 years. He is a Master at window tinting, convertible tops, headliners, and a master interior fabricator. He is known for his crisp tinting lines, and having an eye for the details on vehicles, especially when it comes to placing custom graphics and striping to enhance the look of a vehicle. You can usually find him quietly in the corner minding his own business, until you get some random hilarious comment out of him in response to your conversation ( which you didn't think he was paying attention to). In addition to his knowledge and experience with those areas, John is also a very skilled mechanic with a keen eye and ear for diagnostics.

John Baron a.ka. Grumpy Old Guy

John has been at Ziggy's for the past 16 years. He is a master at building or rebuilding motors. Hand him a box of parts and say "Figure it out," and a few hours later you will have a completely functioning carburetor. He is known for his unique ways and his vast knowledge of all motors, carburetors and antique cars, as well as racing vehicles and more. He is a master fabricator, if there isn't a way to do something, he will invent a way. For John there is no such thing as "I can't", there's only, "OK I'll get it done". If you hear us using the words "Angry Elf" or in the winter months "Baby Jesus" you know who we are talking about.

Angie Baron, General Manager

Angie has been with Ziggy's for the past 16 yrs. She's had a passion for cars since she was a child. Her specialties include used car sales and the behind the scene duties that help make the company function smoothly on a day to day basis. Angie loves a challenge and it's not uncommon to find her involved in the many different aspects of Ziggy's. She's known to be William's 'pain in the butt', aka 'The Wife!" and she is always getting herself into mischief. It's great to listen to her when she has a funny story, which usually ends up leaving most of the crew just shaking their heads, and William usually following suit by saying "Oh, she's not kidding!"

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In Loving Memory of Mac A.K.A The Lost Man

Mac joined our Ziggy family about 5 years ago, as one of our beloved customers. It seems he came here and just never left! Mac is a very important part of our day because he deals with ALL of our petty BS and keeps Ziggy's looking good by cleaning up around the shop and taking care of many of the little things we need. Whether it's getting parts or helping with our cruise nights, we can count on Mac. He has had a love for cars throughout his life and has had his own adventures including racing Shelby's and being sponsored by Kenny Brown Performance.

Lucy A.KA. Mad Mom

Lucy is the mom of William and John Baron. She has been involved with Ziggy's since the beginning. She's watched most of the crew grow up and turn into the amazing people they are. You can usually find Lucy cleaning a car, or kicking John Lydon in the butt in response to his shenanigans! Watch out, she's a feisty one you never know where she will pop up! She retired about 7 years ago and to keep herself busy she has become another wonderful asset to Ziggy's.

Mary A.K.A The Photographer

Mary has also become a part of the Ziggy's family starting as a customer and helping out with car shows. She is just a genuinely great person who is always there when we need her to be. She has recently become Ziggy's photographer, documenting all of the great work that the crew here is completing and her pictures are amazing. If you see a woman walking around with a camera, don't worry its just Mary the 'Ziggy's Paparazzi'!

Jakob Baron, A.K.A Sonny Pants or Dad's Shadow

Jakob has been William's shadow at the shop since 2006. He has been trailing behind learning everything he can from his Dad. He is very passionate about vehicles and technology. He has built our Jeep, the Vega, and if it wasn't for him walking his mom (Angie) off the ledge with the 69 Chevelle Motor Swap it would still be blown up. You will often see him here after school working. Jakob is off to college in Arizona for engineering. I will miss him so much as he is the right arm to me. If you see him share a fun old school story with him. He loves it. He is the Sonny pants for sure.

Axl a.k.a Baby Hino or THE BABY

Axl is just over a year old. He is the therapy of the shop. He is known as baby Hino because William was sent on a journey to get a tow truck but came back with a baby Axl. You will often find him with his head out of a truck window or in a chair awkwardly sleeping. he loves treats as some have learned and loves to terrorize his older brother Vinnie

Vinnie aka Momma's Boy

Vinnie came to us in January of 2022 and has been greating our customers since day one literially with a paw tap and a nudge. Bad day, good day, just need to smile. Hes the guy. He is always found where his Momma is.

Lauren aka Facial Expression Queen

Laurne has worked for William since before the time of Willaim and Ziggy's. She handles the day to day customer needs adn our Towing divison. She wears a few different hats. Lauren is such a tremendous asset to Ziggy's. When you ever need a great facial expression you can count on her.

Tyler A.K.A. The Young Slickster

Tyler joined our crew this past fall and fits right in.He came from an off Cape repair facility. He has been working on vehicle's since he was able. He is the rooky in the shop. Don't be fooled by this though. Tyler has a kean eye for paying attention to detail. He has a passion for Diesels and odd ball mechanical items. This makes him an asset. You can see Tyler working the tow trucks, installing accessories, diagnosing and repairing. He is always willing to jump in and learn to better his knowledge. We welcome Tyler with joy to our team and look forward to his future growing wth Ziggys.

Jeremy A.K.A The Quiet Driver

Jeremy has work for our company for about a year. He started driving for another company right out of school and later decided he wanted more. He has be a great part of the team. He is known as the quiet one because you rarely here word from him. He just beats to his own drum.